Paid Search Engine Marketing Management

Paid search advertising is a great source of highly qualified web traffic that typically leads to good ROI, when done correctly!

The first thing I do for a new client is review their current search program and identify opportunities to improve efficiency to lead to better ROI.

I focus on scaling areas that are working and either revise or remove things that are essentially bleeding money.

Major areas of focus include:

  • Organizing campaigns and ad groups so that we can make optimizations that have huge impact on the overall account performance
  • Dive deep into important reporting to look for ways to be more efficient
    • Keywords, ads, landing pages, channels, devices, audiences, time of day, geography and more
  • Manually analyze and optimize campaigns on a regular basis, I do not set-it and forget-it!
  • Provide ongoing reporting, strategy and recommendations to continually move the needle in the right direction


Remarketing on the Google Display Network, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are extremely effective ways of scaling intelligently

  • Remarketing to previous website visitors across websites and channels
  • Segmenting remarketing lists to align with the messaging strategy
  • Remarketing to customer email lists provided by clients

PPC Audit

Sometimes you just want a sanity check to make sure that you are not missing out on huge opportunity to perform better. An in-depth audit will show areas that you can improve and find quick wins to take your digital marketing to the next level.

  • Analyze key metrics
  • Review account structure to see if it is set to be able to optimize most effectively
  • Review settings to make sure they follow best practices and are set up to perform best overtime
  • Review bidding strategy
  • Review keyword strategy
  • Review ads and landing pages to make sure they align with keywords and meet best practices
  • Review conversion tracking to make sure data is accurate for good reporting

Paid Social Advertising

I work closely with clients to reach the right audiences with the right message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to scale brand awareness with an emphasis in direct response.

  • Audience building and planning
  • Messaging strategy
  • Implementing conversion tracking into Google Analytics using utm parameters for detailed and insightful reporting
  • Ongoing optimization and testing across audiences, ads, devices, landing pages and more